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Sunday, February 17, 2008


TheCranberry participated in the NUS Bazaar on the 15th Feb'08.

We're extremely thankful for the good response :)

TheCranberry hereby express our gratitude to the ones who visited our booth!

thanks load for your most valued support and comments!

*We would never have made it, without YOU*

Now now, TheCranberry has taken up another booth once again!!

Gee what's more exciting than Shopping after CNY!

And no worries, The Cranberry offers cheap cheap deals JUST for YOU!

So C'mon Down and join the FUN!


LIME Flea Market @ *Scape

Date: 23 Feb 2008 (sat)

Venue: Youth Park behind Cathay Orchard Cineleisure

Time: 1pm-7pm

**Looking forward to seeing each and every one of YOU**

fresh out of the Cranberry Oven ~
6:19 PM

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dear berries..

The Cranberry hereby wishes ya, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! May you collect mountains of ang-baos!

For berries not celebrating, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! ^^

Valentine's impending and The Cranberry would like to spread our love to all!
we now Proudly Present to ya, our latest batch of items! *Handmade with love*

Spread ur love to ur loved ones today~
Get something for ur bestie, ur beloved, or just for urself.. =D

Wish to pamper urself more?
No Worries.. Our Mix and Match Sale is still on! 50% off the second item~
So hesitate no more, just check out the items below!

Email us at my.cranberry@hotmail.com for any enquiries ya.. ^^


fresh out of the Cranberry Oven ~
1:52 PM

The Cranberry Necklaces Series
a long gold chain with a lovely red heart, dangling crystals, pearls & a classy musical note
get this lovely beauty in this season of love~

Landy $13.50
prices include postage.. =)

interested? Enquiries? email to my.cranberry@hotmail.com!!

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fresh out of the Cranberry Oven ~
1:00 PM

The Cranberry Hp Accessories Series
a pair of teddy bears charms, 1 with a bronze hoop, another with dangling red crystals and a lovely translucent heart charm..
get her now for ur loved ones~

Made - to - Love $12.90 for both

prices include postage.. =)

interested? Enquiries? email to my.cranberry@hotmail.com!!

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fresh out of the Cranberry Oven ~
10:59 AM

The Cranberry Hp Accessories Series
a pair of couple tee-shirts with dazzling heart pearls, and dangling white & translucent pearls..
pamper u and ur loved ones now~

Nick & Niki $12.90 for both

prices include postage.. =)

interested? Enquiries? email to

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fresh out of the Cranberry Oven ~
10:54 AM

The Cranberry

We offer a wide range of products, from Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings to Bag Charms.

All our items are inspired by the latest trends and simple enough
for everyday wear.

Our Cranberry items are specially designed and handmade for our Cranberry customers.

All items are limited-editions (unless otherwise stated),
so you wouldn't need to worry about wearing the same designs as other ppl.

And best of all!!!
All our Cranberry items are reasonably priced!!!!
So, take ur time to pick!!!


Spotted something u like?

Simply drop us a mail at


to place ur order
or juz leave a feedback below to enquire more!! Its that simple!!!

Wish to be the first few to be informed of our new stocks??

Join The Cranberry Mailing List now!!!


Din spot anything u fancy?

U can juz email us wat u r looking for, and we will try our best to come up with a design specially for u.

Hv something to say??

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